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Celebrating Prof Serigne M. Gueye

Dear AFREhealth Colleague,

Join us celebrate Prof Serigne Magueye Gueye, MD, FWACS, the recipient of the Urology Care Foundation 2023 Humanitarian Recognition Award.

This award is bestowed upon an individual who exemplifies the spirit of philanthropy as evidenced by their humanitarian work.

Prof Gueye is an active AFREhealth member and serves on the Advisory Board to the AFREhealth NIH Grant.  Read more:

Thank you

Kilmarx steps in as Acting Fogarty Director, Sturke to act as Deputy

Headshot of Dr. Peter Kilmarx 

Peter Kilmarx, M.D., is stepping in as Acting Director of the Fogarty International Center and Acting Associate Director, Global Health Research, National Institutes of Health, after the departure of Roger I. Glass, M.D., Ph.D.  An expert on infectious disease research and HIV/AIDS prevention, Dr. Kilmarx was named Deputy Director of the Fogarty International Center in 2015. During his tenure at Fogarty he has lead analysis of NIH global health activities, built coalitions with high-level NIH and external stakeholders, and represented the Center and NIH in national and international forums. He co-lead an initiative to transform African health professional education and research, resulting in the formation of the African Association for Health Professions Education and Research (AFREHealth), as well as the African Postdoctoral Training Initiative (APTI), which brings African postdoctoral fellows to NIH. He has also focused on efforts to increase equity in global health research and building global capacity for pandemic preparedness .

“I'm grateful for the leadership and mentoring of Dr. Roger Glass," said Dr. Kilmarx. "I'm excited about this opportunity to serve Fogarty and our partners, strengthening global research capacity and partnerships to address the critical global health challenges of our time."  Dr. Kilmarx will oversee an annual budget of more than $95 million and a portfolio of nearly 600 active grants while continuing Fogarty's mission to support and facilitate global health research conducted by U.S. and international investigators, build partnerships between health research institutions in the U.S. and abroad, and train the next generation of scientists to address global health needs.

Join us to congratulate Prof Kien Alfred Mteta

Dear AFREhealth Colleague,

Join us to congratulate Prof Kien Alfred Mteta, AFREhealth Vice President on his election to join the CUGH’s Board of Directors.

We wish him success in the 3-year term as he represents AFREhealth on the board, contributing to improvement in quality of life of people and strengthening the AFREhealth-CUGH partnership. 

Thank you

Discussion | Coronavirus pandemic

The recent COVID-19 statistics in China have raised global concerns. Millions of cases are said to be recorded daily in that country. Director of the Centre for Epidemic Response and innovation at Stellenbosch University, and also UKZN's Research Innovation Sequencing Platform, Professor Tulio de Olivera speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

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Congratulations to Prof. Abebe - Master Surgeon Educator

Dear AFREhealth Colleagues,

Please join us in congratulating Prof Abebe Bekele who was inducted into membership in the Academy of Master Surgeon Educators® at the American College of Surgeons (ACS) on September 30, 2022. Prof Abebe is a member of the AFREhealth Governing Council . Read full article here 


Fellow Africans, 

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Continent and in the Diaspora,

On this day of celebration of Africa Day, I am very pleased to express my wishes of health and prosperity to each and every one of you, whether you are from the Islands or the Diaspora.

The date of May 25 has a double evocative power. On the memorial level, it takes us back to the youthful freshness of the first moments of the OAU. At the geopolitical and institutional level, it constantly questions our individual and collective capacity to build the Africa then dreamed of by our founding fathers.

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The African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth) is an interprofessional health grouping that seeks to work all stakeholders interested in health profession education , research and service delivery to improve the quality of health care in Africa through research, education and capacity building. It is a conglomerate of individuals, institutions, associations and networks from all the geographic and linguistic regions of Africa namely Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone and Arabophone. Read More...

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