Yordanos Ejigu - Debre Tabor University

Yordanos EjiguName: Yordanos Ejigu
Institution: Debre Tabor University
Course: Medical Student
Motivation: I am the type of person that is always eager to learn new things, to network with new people and always involved in extracurricular activities. When I heard that my school was eligible for the GEMx programs, I was really interested and applied to the programs immediately and thankfully I was accepted.

Tanaka Samudzi - University of Zimbabwe

Name of institution: UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE
Course Studying: PHYSIOTHERAPY

Motivation for joining
I wanted to expand my knowledge in patient management and to build network connections with other health professionals globally, so as to widen my career opportunities.

Sheila Atenge - Mbarara University

Sheila AtengeI am Sheila Atenge from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda pursuing a bachelor’s degree of science in Physiotherapy. This program was not only an invaluable experience but also a great opportunity to learn from different professionals from different medical disciplines with a common goal in enhancing patient centered care in Uganda and University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Samantha Katsande - KNUST

Samantha KatsandeName: Samantha Katsande
Name of institution: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Program of study: BSc Medical Imaging (Sonography)
Motivation for joining/attending the program:
As a student in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences we rarely get to interact with students from other faculties under the College of Health Sciences. The GEMx exchange program provided a platform to learn and exchange ideas with fellow students in the medical sciences. My motivation to join the program was the opportunity that it created to network and learn from fellow students and facilitators from another institution and country.

Patrick Mwanguhya - Makerere University

Patrick MwanguhyaName: Mwanguhya Patrick
Program of study: BACHELOR OF PHARMACY

Motivation for attending GEMx under AFREhealth

It was a great pleasure for me to actively participate in this program. I used to hear other
students talk about the Global Educational Exchange in Medicine and Health Professions (GEMx) program but I did not know exactly what was involved in it though I always wanted to be a part. It was one blessed evening when I received a call from my clinical pharmacy lecturer who asked me whether I was interested to represent pharmacy in the GEMx program and I immediately responded, thank you so much this is a great opportunity I have always been waiting for.

Njeru Raisha Kendi - Kenyatta University

Njeru Raisha KendiName: Njeru Raisha Kendi
Name of Institution: Kenyatta University
Course studying: Bachelor of Pharmacy

Motivation for joining or attending the program
• Exposure to the clinical environment which would allow me to bridge the gap between theory and real practice.
• Exposure to medical professionals from other healthcare specialties, which would strike a mutual understanding for the need to provide integrated and inter-disciplinary patient centered care.

Mwansa Paxina - Lusaka University

Mwansa PaxinaGreetings to you all, I would love to thank you AFREhealth and Busitema University of Uganda for granting me this opportunity to share my experience/ journey on the virtual IPE program. My name is Mwansa Paxina Mwansa from Lusaka University College of Nursing (LUCON) in Zambia. I am a third year Public health nursing student pursuing a diploma.

Marcelino Simão Chirute - Lurio University

Marcelino Simão ChiruteName: Marcelino Simão Chirute
Name of institution: Universidade Lúrio - Faculdade de Ciências de Saúde (Lúrio University - Health Sciences Faculty)
Course: Medicina (Medicine)
Motivation for joining/attending the program
I had an exciting experience in 2019 when I traveled to Lusaka (attached photo - OR Thambo International Airport, Johannesburg), where I could experience different guidelines as good as ours and I could meet wonderful tutors (Dr Munga from UnZa - UTH). The reason above made me wonder if it would be possible to enjoy a virtual experience as I did when I had to travel and the answer surprises none - it was wonderful too. I was hoping to establish networks and it was possible. I wanted to spread my name and my school’s name.

Leonel Gumbi - University of Zimbabwe

Leonel GumbiMy name is Leonel Gumbi studying pharmacy at the University of Zimbabwe.
The motivation to attend the IPE AFREHealth program was mainly stimulated by the amazing exposure that I had at my local institution when I attended the national STRIPE HIV IPE program. It was quite thrilling for me to engage in such a novel, interactive and inclusive learning experience. Now that an international program was availed, I saw it as an invaluable opportunity to grasp, because I was very sure of the imminent new lessons and experiences. Also, the constant reflection on the growing value of teamwork in health care practice was a stimulant in this regard.
There are two key lessons I learnt through attending this program.

Kwadwo Ohene Darko - KNUST

Kwadwo Ohene DarkoI am Kwadwo Ohene Darko of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology studying Doctor of Pharmacy. I may not remember when it started, but I have desire to acquire as much knowledge and its variants, success cards, experience and exposure as I can.

And when it was with regard to my future profession as a pharmacist, I needed no stronger
motivation to enroll in the GEMx student exchange program that I believed with its commitment to strengthen the future healthcare workforce will meet my expectation of contributing to my innate worth as a pharmacist and as a professional. And I did leave with more ammunition in my arsenal to face the future profession ahead of me.

Kamoga Livingstone - Makerere University

Kamoga LivingstoneI am Kamoga Livingstone, From Makerere University College of health sciences, and currently a pre-intern nurse. I was among the lucky few students who were selected to attend the IPE virtual elective program hosted by Debre Tabor University Ethiopia, College of Medicine and Health sciences. We learned about Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) from our facilitators who shone a light on the challenges of malnutrition in children under the age of 5 years and their effects on the development of the nation. This was a virtual exchange that came at a time when I was having classes at my institution and attending clinical rotations. The beauty was that I improved my multitasking skills as I was able to attend virtual classes and complete all my tasks here at the university and those from the program.

Kalkidan Demile - Debre Tabor University

Kalkidan DemileName: Kalkidan Demile
Institution: Debre Tabor University College of Health Sciences and Medicine
Course: Medicine
I was on this GEMx IPE elective online education last year and the reason why I joined the program was my interest to attend virtual experiences with other people from Africa for the first time; and I also thought it was a very brain storming, absorbing and engaging bill of fare.

Joy Mirembe - Makerere University

Joy MirembeMy name is Mirembe joy, a medical doctor who has just recently completed my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Makerere University and doing my medical internship at Mulago National Referral Hospital. I am very passionate about research, innovation and clinical work.

Over the time, I have learnt to appreciate the power of riding on shoulders of great men and women and my IPE experience wasn’t any different. I saw this as a global opportunity for me to interact with like-minded people in different professional bodies with a common goal of achieving good health for all. More so, I knew that there will be a lot of lessons and skills earned by the end of the program. Thankfully, all this came to reality.

Jason Lubega - Makerere University

Course studying: BSc. BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES, Year III
Motivation for joining / attending the program
I was looking for opportunities to learn while practicing in a different environment. I was also curious to see how a multidisciplinary team would handle its first case, and I am grateful to ECFMG FAIMER, GEMx, Makerere University, and our host institution Debre Tabor University for providing me with this opportunity.

Irene Neumbe Mildred - Busitema University

Neumbe Irene MildredName: Neumbe Irene Mildred
Name of host institution: Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences
Course: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Motivation for joining/attending the program:
I had interest in the concept of multidrug resistance which has become a global public health threat and desired to obtain knowledge about how best to solve the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Evance Juma Otieno - Kenyatta University

The program’s aim of offering educational health opportunities in the health sector was a great motivator in applying to join. As a nursing student who appreciates the role that an Inter-professional partnership can do in improving the quality of patients and community health, I felt it was the right direction in forming this inter-professional network and learn from my fellow colleagues. I was also interested in joining the program since I was aiming at improving my clinical knowledge and skills in managing patients through the application of evidence based practices learnt from the program.

Claire Wangari Mwenda - Jomo Kenyatta University

Claire Wangari MwendaHello there!. My name is Claire Wangari Mwenda. I am a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology briefly abbreviated as JKUAT. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate program in Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Motivation for Joining and Attending the Program
In brief, my motivation for joining the IPE virtual program was to gain as much knowledge as possible about relating with other medical professionals in the field. I was also driven by my need to gain as much experience and exposure as possible while in school that I would eventually use in my practice years.

Chinweoge Frances Epum - University of Ibadan

Chinweoge Frances EpumName: Chinweoge Frances Epum
Name of institution: University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Motivation for joining/attending the program:
To learn about interprofessional collaboration so that in my field, I will be able to apply myself and work optimally with other professionals, with the major goal of achieving good health for the patient
Key lessons learnt: Each profession plays a vital role in the management of the patients
Plans moving forward: To finish my medical degree and getting more involved in AFREhealth programs if an opportunity arises.

Chibuzo Aloysius Makata - University of Ibadan

Makata Chibuzo AloysiusName: Makata Chibuzo Aloysius
Institution: University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Course of study: Medicine & Surgery

I was fascinated when I came across the program at Jomo-Kenyatta on the "Care of sick newborn" even though there were numerous other options to choose from including one at Makerere University, Uganda.

Charity Gikundiro - University of Rwanda

Charity GIKUNDIROI am called Charity GIKUNDIRO from University of Rwanda. I am a final year student in the faculty of Dental Therapy.

Motivation for attending the program
I was first told of the GEMx program by our member of staff. Then I joined and attended the first session where we were informed that these are topics shared by several medical African universities, and were later being facilitated by one of the institutions.

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