Competence-Based Education

Group Lead: Prof. Adesola Ogunniyi, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
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Competence is the ability to do something well. For the training of health workers, competence entails the habitual and judicious use of communication, knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, emotions, values, and reflection in daily practice for the benefit of the individual and the community being served. This has become the bedrock of the training of health workers and is reflected in the shift in training paradigm from traditional methods.

The objectives of the Competence-based curriculum TWG are the following:

1. Defining performance metrics for health workers according to training requirements, the needs of patients and society in emergency and day-to-day practice.
2. Designing methods for measuring performance metrics.
3. Demonstration of professional skills by trainees in practice within the limit of training.
4. Categorizing skills to be acquired according to level of involvement in the performance:

(Novice, Competent, Exceptional) OR

i) “must be proficient” – venepuncture, urethral catheterization, intravenous infusion setting/regulation, suturing, uncomplicated deliveries etc.
ii) “carried out under supervision” –biopsy, fracture reduction etc. 
iii) “elective” – Caesarean section,
iv) “restricted only to experts” - major surgery, laparasopy, bronchoscopy

5. Ensuring compliance with benchmark and international standards.

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