Group lead: Alfred K Mteta; Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Tanzania
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Education is presently undergoing a dramatic transformation; the concept of e-learning is now becoming a new reality in higher education. E-learning is a convenient term to cover a range of uses of technology for teaching and learning, It can also be better defined as all computer and Internet-based activities that support teaching and learning both on and off campus. Having realised the importance of Information Communication Technologies in support learning AFREhealth prioritise e-learning as one of the technical working group to build an impactful technology apprised community.

An e-learning technical working group is an adhoc group of experts or interested individuals on electronic learning. This group is mainly meant to serve as a platform to share and learn from each other on the technical experiences of learning while utilising technology, however, it is also meant to encourage other stakeholders on education and research to discuss various ways of learning and identify gaps in e-learning.

E-learning/Digital learning has many facets and is a necessity for our African institutions as a matter of urgency and Africa need to do the following to catch up and especially in the face of COVID 19 pandemic and the like;

  1. Embed digital transformation in our training activities.
  2. Invest in digital infrastructure and digital software to support teaching and learning.
  3. Develop online digital competencies for faculty and students alike
  4. Develop technology-mediated modalities of learning.
  5. Institute pedagogical changes in curricula design and deliver system to encompass digitalisation.
  6. Impart 21st century skills to students that match the current job market demands.
  7. The digital transformation must provide holistic support for student academic success.
  8. Reduce digital divide and exclusivity by adequately investing and providing opportunities for those with debilitating digital challenges.
  9. Provide digital safety and security to protect personal data.
  10. Ensure a conducive environment to international students by removing digital barriers.
  11. Ensure meaningful collaboration and partnership with like minded stakeholders.
  12. Develop research based in technological infrastructure to support and enhance the African industrial revolution.

Our main focus of this TWG is:

To strengthen e-learning activities at our institutions by:

  1. Exploring various e-learning instructional methods
  2. Sharing experiences of more stimulating and dynamic online teaching, learning and researching environment
  3. Sharing challenges and lesson learnt in implementing e-learning at our institutions
  4. Connecting various technological experts and interested individuals around the world

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