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Group lead: Dr Roy Mubuuke, PhD, Makerere University
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The Health Professions Education Research Technical Working Group (HPER TWG) is one of the most vibrant working groups within the AFREhealth community. Health Professions Education is a field that is gaining momentum in Africa. This is because having quality health professionals serving the community requires having quality pre-service training underpinned by the best evidence available from within our own context. The HPER TWG brings together like-minded professionals from across various disciplines on the continent to form a community of practice that is focused on advancing scholarship in health professions education and eventually improving the quality of training.

The group emphasizes the promotion of educational research within the health professions that will potentially transform the training of our health professionals. Research that will inform our understanding of health professions education (HPE) in Africa, that will enhance our practice thereof, and that will contribute to building scholarship within the field is a necessary and fundamental imperative. Despite many initiatives across the continent, and a concomitant increase in academic outputs, there is still much opportunity for HPE researchers and scholars to conduct work that will seek answers for local questions on the one hand, while looking to strengthen the theories that underpin what we do as educators of future healthcare professionals for the African context. Eventually, the HPER TWG looks at leveraging and using local African evidence and contexts to contribute to over-arching global discourses in the field of health professions education. The HPE Research (HPER) TWG also seeks to establish a community of interest across the continent for those who wish to strengthen their current research through networking and collaboration, and for those who seek to enhance their knowledge and skill in the HPER generally. It is envisaged that joining this interactive network will facilitate collaborative, multi-site studies, interactive discussions, sharing of experiences, making presentations and publications that can respond to key aspects of HPE that do not only have specific relevance for the African region, but also insightful lessons to learn to the wider global audience. 

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The African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth) is an interprofessional health grouping that seeks to work all stakeholders interested in health profession education , research and service delivery to improve the quality of health care in Africa through research, education and capacity building. It is a conglomerate of individuals, institutions, associations and networks from all the geographic and linguistic regions of Africa namely Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone and Arabophone. Read More...

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