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Chabuca Sunza Antonio - Lurio University

Chabuca Sunza AntonioMy name is Chabuca Sunza Antonio. I am now a Pharmacist but during IPE Virtual Elective Program experience I was still a student. The institution where I attended the course is Universidade Lurio (Lurio University) Health Science Faculty.

At Health Science Faculty, I was doing pharmacy science. What motivated me to join the IPE Virtual Elective Program was the the fact that its goals were the same as mine; which is to prepare health professional students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for collaborative interprofessional practice. This was my unique opportunity to join the group that aimed to develop skills and attitudes which are really necessary for the deep collaborative interprofessional practice.

Belinda Chiambiro - University of Zimbabwe

Belinda ChiambiroName: Belinda Chiambiro
Institution: University of Zimbabwe
Course: Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Nursing Science
Motivation to join the program:
During our clinical attachments in the hospital, I noticed that students or different health professionals do not meet and collaborate on patient care and management so when I heard about the Interprofessional Education program I was eager to learn about it and its benefits so that I can also share the information with others in order to improve patient care.

Bantayehu Godahegn - Debre Tabor University

Bantayehu GodahegnName Bantayehu Godahegn
Institution: Debre Tabor University
Course: Medical Laboratory Science
I was encouraged to participate in the program because I thought there might be a learning system in other countries that is different from my country; and I would have the opportunity to also share and gain knowledge.

Audi Stephanie - Kenyatta University

Audi StephanieMy name is Audi Stephanie, currently a finalist student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. I have had the wonderful opportunity of studying in Kenyatta University, in Nairobi Kenya for the last almost 6 years, and soon I'll be completing my studies in this wonderful institution that has shaped my journey as a student of Medicine.

Aderage Dessie - Debre University

My name is Aderage Dessie, I am now a Junior B.Sc. Midwife. I was one of the students who attended the GEMx program hosted in Rwanda. My home institution was Debre Tabor University which is found in the northern part of Ethiopia 666km away from Addis Ababa, capital city of the country.

We studied one course during the period of the elective program from August 23-September 28 2021.The course that we had investigated was entitled as: "Dog bite management and associated health related facts in Rwanda".

Abigail Masi - Kamuzu University

Abigail MasiI am Abigail Masi, a final year student (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences in Malawi. Last year, I participated in the IPE Elective Program with GEMx under Makerere University, Uganda. The program provided an opportunity to consolidate and improve my knowledge of various core competencies and a chance to network with other students and professionals across different disciplines in the medical field.

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