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Patrick Mwanguhya - Makerere University

Patrick MwanguhyaName: Mwanguhya Patrick
Program of study: BACHELOR OF PHARMACY

Motivation for attending GEMx under AFREhealth

It was a great pleasure for me to actively participate in this program. I used to hear other
students talk about the Global Educational Exchange in Medicine and Health Professions (GEMx) program but I did not know exactly what was involved in it though I always wanted to be a part. It was one blessed evening when I received a call from my clinical pharmacy lecturer who asked me whether I was interested to represent pharmacy in the GEMx program and I immediately responded, thank you so much this is a great opportunity I have always been waiting for.

Key lessons learnt
This was a good experience to interact as different health care professionals under the guidance of our host Prof Alemayehu. Regardless of COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to work hard with colleagues to ensure success in all activities that were assigned to us. And this further strengthened our bond to embrace firmly how important it is to work as a team for the betterment of our patients. Therefore, I personally pledge that what I learnt will be carried on in ensuring teamwork with colleagues from other professions.

More so we had a very interesting topic to discuss about malnutrition. This further enlightened us on the importance of proper feeding like building a competent immune system for the body to fight different diseases. We had a chance to visit a nutrition clinic in Mulago (Mwana Mugimu) where we practically participated in assessing malnutrition among children using anthropometric measurements like MUAC, BMI, Head circumference etc. I appreciated more that prevention of diseases is better than cure because if all of us were able to feed appropriately, so many disease conditions like marasmus, kwashiorkor, non-communicable diseases eg ischaemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, vitamin deficiencies etc would not be a problem.

Plans moving forward.
I appreciate the services extended by AFREhealth through GEMx program in exposing students to interprofessional education and collaboration and I am very optimistic that this can greatly improve the health care system of our country. However, looking forward I would desire if possible plans be made to increase the number of student participants in this program as many numbers can disseminate the skills and knowledge more massively than when few participants are involved

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