UNGA Education Side Event

Prof Francis Omaswa represented AFREhealth at the United Nations General Assembly Side event in NYC.
SUMMATION; Side event “Transforming health workforce education to meet evolving needs and achieve Universal Health Coverage”

A Call for Bi-Directional, Student Elective Exchange Pilot between AFREhealth and CUGH Member Institutions

On  March  15,  2018,  The  AFREhealth  and  CUGH  leadership  organized  a  Satellite  session  at  the Hilton  Hotel  in  New  York  City,  USA prior  to  the 2018 CUGH  Conference. The name of this Satellite session was, “AFREhealth  and  CUGH:  Plotting  an  Actionable  Path Forward for Collaborative Partnerships”. The outcome from this session was the formation of the AFREhealth-CUGH Working Group (ACWG), an initiative to consolidate a partnership between both organizations that would focus on particular areas of collaboration; define clear terms of reference,and develop plans to initiate the work.  The ACWG identified three pillars as:
a) Health professions education for  health  systems  strengthening; 
b)  Research  and  Leadership; 
c)  Student  Exchanges.

Report on Afya Bora Meeting

Nairobi Kenya, 31st May & 1st June 2019.

The Afya Bora Consortium invited AFREhealth to speak at the Mid-Fellowship Meeting for the Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship in Global Health Leadership which is supported by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and PEPFAR. The meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya at the Fairview Hotel on May 31st and June 1st, 2019 and Prof. Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde, AFREhealth Secretary represented AFREhealth. It was a delight to represent AFREhealth at this meeting and tell them about the AFREhealth activities and vision for Africa. 

STRIPE HIV Funding Announcement

Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of an ambitious and exciting new project, STrengthening InterProfessional Education to Improve HIV Care Across Africa (STRIPE HIV), as well as a funding opportunity to support the engagement of MEPI and NEPI institutions in this project.

STRIPE HIV aims to strengthen interprofessional HIV training provided by MEPI and NEPI institutions and their partner facilities to ensure that the next generation of health care professionals is equipped to deliver the highest quality, collaborative, evidence-informed HIV care. Please review the attached flier for additional details about the project as well as instructions to apply for funding. Important dates and deadlines are also listed below.

International Nurses Day

On May 12 every year, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) focuses on the need for nurses to become more active and vocal in policy development and implementation. This year, AFREhealth is privileged to celebrate International Nurses day with the Nurses on our Governing Council,  in our institutions, our membership, and across the whole of Africa.

Nurses are Africa’s frontline health care workers who work tirelessly every day in all sorts of challenging circumstances to make a difference to the health of the people of Africa. Nurses are essential in transforming health care and health systems so that nobody is left behind, without access to care or impoverished because of their need for health care.

Happy Nurses Day!


International for Nurses in Uganda

International Day for Nurses in Malawi

AFREhealth Celebrating AFRICA Day

On 25 May 2019, AFREhealth celebrates Africa Day together with the rest of the continent. AFREhealth is actively working to change Afro-pessimism into a desire to solve pressing African issues through purposeful partnerships, inclusive networks and a Africa-focused community, taking us into a feisty Africa future.

AFREhealth is ideally situated to facilitate innovative health professions education, research agendas and social responsibility to address opportunities and challenges that are shaping Africa’s integration into the global economy.

Let us celebrate Africa’s richness of cultures, peoples, resources and futures together on this Africa Day.

Prof Marietjie de Villiers
AFREhealth President