Responses to Questions from Webinar entitled “COVID-19 Outbreak in Africa: What You Need to Know and How to Stay Safe" part 2

Responses from Jeanine Condo, Associate Professor, University of Rwanda - College of Medicine- School of Public Health, Kigali, Rwanda.
Q: You manage to identify Covid-19 cases in the early phase of the infection. However, I would like to have a brief summary of the medical management that might have contributed to the impressive successful rate of recovery
A: The lockdown was done in early days as soon as the first case was diagnosed in country. Most of the cases were young, with very mild symptoms and with no major co morbidities
Q: Have we been able to measure the impact of lockdown using objective parameters, like R0 in Rwanda?
A: In Rwanda we used different indicators in place including population density, confirmation of first case and the growing number of cases in the region and world, a decision of early lockdown was taken by the Health leadership to minimize the risk of imported cases and contamination within the country.

Response from Hassan Mahomed, Department of Health Western Cape Province, Cape Town, South Africa
Q: (Is) testing and tracing (done) in prisons?
A: With respect to prisons, tracing and testing activities are definitely happening.

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Responses to Questions from Webinar entitled “COVI...


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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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