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Responses to Questions from Webinar entitled “COVID-19 Outbreak in Africa: What You Need to Know and How to Stay Safe" part 2

Responses from Jeanine Condo, Associate Professor, University of Rwanda - College of Medicine- School of Public Health, Kigali, Rwanda.1.Q: You manage to identify Covid-19 cases in the early phase of the infection. However, I would like to have a brief summary of the medical management that might have contributed to the impressive successful rate o...

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Responses from Ashraf Grimwood, Chief Executive Officer, Kheth'Impilo, Cape Town, South AfricaWhat is your PCR TAT?We are finding that for our CHCWs it is taking over 7 days due to several reasons as mentioned- infected lab staff, closing of one of the sites, huge load, but getting results out is so critical for epidemic controlDid you find temp sc...

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