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NIH Grant Award Q&A

  1. Can an applicant submit full application without submitting letter of intent?

A letter of intent is not mandatory. However, submitting the letter on intent helps AFREhealth to constitute review teams to that will swiftly respond to the applications on time. You are encouraged to send your letter of intent to us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Can more than two Universities in the same country apply for the award?

Yes. However, the team must be interprofessional.

  1. Will this call accept a proposal on Non-Communication Diseases?

Yes, NCDs are acceptable.

  1. Should there be any training component built into the proposal or is there flexibility on this?

There is a lot of flexibility in this proposal. You can submit an application that focuses solely on research or capacity building, or both.

  1. Should the four pages include references?

No please. The references is not part of the pages. The references are add-on.

  1. Is the call covering the areas of patient engagements especially those with NCDs?

It is entirely up to you to determine whether or not patient engagements are appropriate given the available resources and the objectives of your proposal.

  1. In a case when I win the award and develop a course, who will own the course – Me or my employer (institution)?

The course and the content will be owned by the institution and not the individual. That is why the letter of support is important.  

  1. Can a group put in more than one application?

A group can only submit one application, but multiple groups from the same institution can submit multiple applications led by different people.

  1. Is there a structure for proposal?

There is a form for applying to the call, and that is the form to use when submitting your application. It contains the various sections that must be included in your proposal, as well as page limits. Click on the link

  1. If AFREhealth has many applications from the same country, will the competition be global or per country? What are the criteria for evaluation?

AFREhealth's philosophy is to reach out to Francophone, Anglophone, and Lusophone countries; however, the award will be given based on scientific merit first, before geographical distribution.


  1. Can this call support something on PhD training?

AFREhealth though this fund, can support an individual's research work, based on merit. However, the fund will not pay students' university tuition fees and stipends.

  1. Is there a template for bio sketch?

There is no template, but you are encouraged to visit the NIH website for a bio sketch template.

  1. Do we need a letter of support from all participating institutions or just the PIs?

We require a letter from each participating institution, including the Principal Investigator's.

  1. There is no detailed guideline on the budget about collaborating with a Professor?

We do not have any budget guidelines when you collaborate with Professors on the award. However, your institution with which you have partnered may have some budgeting guidelines for their members. You must make your own decisions about how to proceed with these budget lines in a reasonable manner. You could look at the NIH website for budget guidelines.

  1. Is there any additional weighting for grant proposals that promote programs supporting government health policy delivery?

There will be no additional weighting for grant proposals that promote programs that support the delivery of government health policy. Innovative and creative ideas that will help this continent progress will be encouraged. Whatever you propose must however, be aligned with the AFREhealth Strategic Plan, which is available on the website .

  1. In what format do we upload the documents?

PDF format is preferred. However, you can also submit the documents in ms word.

  1. How will the award be disbursed?

Based on the budget an advance will be disbursed during commencement and the others will be disbursed upon deliverables submitted

  1. What is a demonstrable product?

A demonstrable product is the final outcome of work. It may include publications, policy documents, training modules/plan, etc.

  1. What do you mean by evaluation? Is it an evaluation on the methodology used or evaluation on grant management?

The evaluation considers the outcomes of the project's implementation and whether these outcomes were achieved. You may be interested in adding the lessons, challenges, recommendations, etc.

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