Dr Flora Katz

Organisation/status: FIC, NIH
Invitation as: Special Guest

Prof Jacob Plange-Rhule

Organisation/status: Rector, GCPS
Invitation as: Special Guest

Prof Gabriel Ayum Teye

Organisation/status: Vice -Chancellor, UDS
Invitation as: Special Guest

Prof Tola Olatosi

Organisation/status: Secretary-General, WACS
Invitation as: Special Guest

Dr Roger Glass

Organisation/status: NIH
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Key note: Strategies for improving research capacity in Africa

Prof Nelson Sewankambo

Organisation/status: Makerere University
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: The role of health professions education in Africa's health challenges

Dr Lonia Mwape

Organisation/status: Zambia
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Responsive pre-service nursing education for Africa

Dr Keith Martin

Organisation/status: CuGH, USA
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Global Health Research and implementation for impact

Dr Sabrina Kitaka

Organisation/status: Uganda
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: HIV/AIDS and Adolescents

Prof Charles Mock

Organisation/status: University of Washington
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Strategies for addressing the global burden of injury and disaters

Prof Joseph C. Kolars

Organisation/status: University of Michigan
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: The global health movement in medical education: reconciling views from "the North" and "the South"

Dr Myat Htoo Razak

Organisation/status: HRSA
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Building capacity for improved diagnosis and treatement of HIV/AIDS in Africa

Prof Irene Agyepong

Organisation/status: University of Ghana
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: The negelcted dimension of global security

Prof Fred Wabwire-Mangen

Organisation/status: Makerere University
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Integrating clinical research into epidemic response: the Ebola expererience

Prof Fred Binka

Organisation/status: Coordinator, WHO Malaria Program in Cambodia
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: International initiatives towards the elimination of malaria scourge in LMICs

Marietjie De Villiers

Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Scaling up health professions education in Africa through rural and community-based training

Mr Sessinam Dagabu

Organisation/status: CEO, Tiny David Company
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Mapping of disaster prone areas

Dr Jong-on Hahm

Organisation/status: FIC, NIH
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: Funders forum - Funding research training in health

Dr John Nkengasong

Organisation/status: Head of African CDC, Addis Ababa
Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: awaiting topic

Drs Brad Newsome & LeShawndra Price

Invitation as: Speaker
Topic: awaiting topic

Prof Wanicha Chuenkongkaew

Organisation/status: Coordinator, Asia-Pacific Network for Health Professional Education reforms
Invitation as: Speaker

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